Event date: 12 December 2015 | Words: Killarney WPMC | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.


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The first 9-Hour Endurance Race at Killarney in almost two decades on Saturday 12 December 2015 proved a triumph for the driving skill of Harp Motorsport’s Francis Carruthers, Nick Adcock and Johan Engelbrecht.

They were aided by a meticulously prepared Juno SS3 that never missed a beat and after taking the lead shortly after the start, went on to finish well ahead of the second placed Le Mans Ginetta in the hands of former world sports car champion Jan Lammers, Sarel van der Merwe and Greg Mills.

However these places were reversed in the Index of Performance results where the Ginetta was classified marginally ahead of the Killarney based Juno.

In what became a war of attrition towards the end, only 17 0f the original 32 entries were classified as finishers. Local veteran Keith Fourie who was teamed with his son Gary and William Luzmore in a Porsche GT3 Cup car did well to finish third overall and fourth in the Index of Performance stakes.

This, after a similar spec Cup car driven by Craig Jarvis, Simon Murray and Andrew Culbert that was marginally ahead of them for a long period, was forced to retire almost within sight of the finish.

Although the Campos family’s impressive 5-litre V8 powered Shelby Can-Am set the quickest qualifying time on a wet track on Saturday morning and led for the first two laps, it soon disappeared from the leader board and was not classified as a finisher.

An interesting feature of the race was that reliability and consistency proved to be of more value than overall speed.

Because while the fastest lap time was set by Duncan and Graham Vos in their Jaguar motivated Juno SS3 they were only able to finish fifth overall.

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killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_001 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_002 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_003
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killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_007 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_008 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_009
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_010 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_011 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_012
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_013 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_014 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_015
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_016 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_017 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_018
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_019 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_020 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_021
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_022 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_023 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_024
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_025 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_026 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_027
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_028 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_029 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_030
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_031 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_032 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_033
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_034 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_035 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_036
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_037 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_038 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_039
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_040 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_041 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_042
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_043 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_044 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_045
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_046 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_047 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_048
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_049 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_050 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_051
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_052 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_053 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_054
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_055 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_056 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_057
killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_058 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_059 killarney-9hr-enduro-2015_060
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