Event date: 16 June 2016 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Venue: Killarney International Raceway


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Supa Drift is back! Well, not the national event, but the Western Cape Regional one. Held in conjunction with the WPMC Killarney short circuit or half main event on the oval, the Supa Drift side of the day surely plugs some much needed excitement into the overall event. Short circuit comprises of Formula M, 125cc superkarts, NSF 100 and 150 Senior and junior bikes – and now more recently, drifting.

It was a great initiative to plug the “new sport” of drifting into the half main event. It gives the local drifters track time with the added pressure of a competition. The competition is only going to make the locals improve their skills and hopefully participate in more national events some day.

In all honesty the Cape is lacking in proper drift events compared to the Gauteng region. With time I do hope it will improve. I urge everyone to go out and support the WC Regional Supa Drift events more often. Get behind the cars, get behind the drivers.

Walking around in the pits I was happy to count 11 drift cars. That number has vastly improved since the very first event.

A top 8 was formed for the final tandems which saw guys like Faheem Salie (Toyota Supra), Noer Asmodien (Toyota Supra), Jacques Lemmer (BMW E36 V8), Yaseen Damon (BMW E30), Izak Van Zyl (Toyota Corolla V8), Chris Long (Nissan S13 1JZ), Aqil Parker (Nissan S13 RB26) and Juan Stemmet (Nissan S13 V8) participating against one another.

Unfortunately reining regional champion and point’s leader Daniel Blaser had some car issues and was unable to participate. We hope to see you back on track soon Danger Dan!

Chris Long is a relatively new name in the drifting scene but has come up the ranks fast and loudly with his Team CVP/Kenilworth Karting sponsored Nissan 200SX. Watch out for this guy as he will surely be competing on a national level soon enough!

Faheem “gunshot” Salie and his Mikes Place Toyota Supra is always one of my favourite cars to watch. It looks great, goes sideways with massive angle and absolutely kills all tyres with no effort. That and the machine gun soundtrack gets me every time.

But it was the unsuspecting Jacques Lemmer in his E36 V8 powered BMW that drove the best for me. His style and aggression is something not to be taken lightly. He is not scared to get right in there for paint rubbing door to door action. That and a great sounding V8 is always something to enjoy.

In the end it was undoubtedly that same skill and talent from Jacques that took him to the top spot on the podium with a well deserved first place followed by Noer Asmodien and Faheem Salie in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Chris Long finished in a close but outgunned 4th place.

Stay tuned for more drift action and watch the calendar here.

RaceMasteR J
Junaid Hamid

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