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BOSS S14 - By Elliot Swartz

Who remembers that Nissan S14 Rocket Bunny V2 that was given away at Drift City last year and was won by an elderly woman???

Well Elliot manage to find it with the help of Anwar and Dylan and immediately we decided on a date and place to make this happen. We decided to do the shoot at the new owners workshop and on our arrival we found out not only does he own the Boss S14 he also owns Jason Webb's ex S13 that won him many Championship Drifting competitions.

We hope it brings Lorcan Alyward just as much luck in the future too.

Boss S14 Specs

Nissan S14
Rocket Bunny v2
 Vq45 v8 Infiniti engine
 BC Coilovers
 Custom Smoke'm Interior
 Custom Sound Install

A big shout out to Anwar Daniels, Lorcan Alyward, Dylan Curry and Smoke'm Garage!

Images by Elliot Swartz

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