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Bringing you the hottest live racing action, as it unfolds, to a screen near you. Brackets runs in a series format, with seven high impact episodes making a full season. What makes brackets different, is that it’s local, and right on our doorstep, making the entertainment that much more intense. Above that, it is set in a unique style, never seen on our shores before, literally “putting your money, where your mouth is”, or in this case, your parts. This sees two daring petrol heads go head to head in the “best out of 5” quarter mile drags, literally putting it all “on the line’. Everything is filmed, documented and made totally legal as we include all components required to make it a high intensity event. Once all legalities are sorted, the two racers and their respective teams, have a chance to inspect the opponents car, and after a certain time ruling as set by the host, the teams can now use race experience and logic to come up with and implement limiting factors or rulings, as agreed upon by both teams, that each feel would give them that winning edge. It all ends up a high-octane game of strategy.

Watch it now to see who comes out on top! See below.

Part 1 of 3.

Part 2 of 3.

Part 3 of 3.

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brackets_ep1_007 brackets_ep1_008 brackets_ep1_009 brackets_ep1_010 brackets_ep1_011 brackets_ep1_012
brackets_ep1_013 brackets_ep1_014 brackets_ep1_015 brackets_ep1_016 brackets_ep1_017 brackets_ep1_018
brackets_ep1_019 brackets_ep1_020 brackets_ep1_021 brackets_ep1_022 brackets_ep1_023 brackets_ep1_024
brackets_ep1_025 brackets_ep1_026 brackets_ep1_027 brackets_ep1_028 brackets_ep1_029 brackets_ep1_030
brackets_ep1_031 brackets_ep1_032 brackets_ep1_033 brackets_ep1_034 brackets_ep1_035 brackets_ep1_036
brackets_ep1_037 brackets_ep1_038 brackets_ep1_039 brackets_ep1_040 brackets_ep1_041 brackets_ep1_042
brackets_ep1_043 brackets_ep1_044 brackets_ep1_045 brackets_ep1_046 brackets_ep1_047 brackets_ep1_048
brackets_ep1_049 brackets_ep1_050 brackets_ep1_051 brackets_ep1_052 brackets_ep1_053 brackets_ep1_054
brackets_ep1_055 brackets_ep1_056 brackets_ep1_057 brackets_ep1_058 brackets_ep1_059 brackets_ep1_060
brackets_ep1_061 brackets_ep1_062 brackets_ep1_063 brackets_ep1_064 brackets_ep1_065 brackets_ep1_066


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