RACEWEB.CO.ZA commits itself to cover all motorsport events nationwide and offer you, the motorsport enthusiast, tuner, street racer and general public a central hub of information, videos, pictures, articles and event coverage taking place within the boundaries of South Africa. Every event we cover is rated according to stringent RACEWEB STYLE (RS) standards. Our standards are high - but then, so are yours! It's our mission to bring the action to you!

RACEWEB.CO.ZA is a healthy place for car enthusiasts to keep in touch, for tuners and automotive stores to promote their services and products to the racers, custom car builders and general public alike.

We cover local and national motorsport events such as drag racing, auto shows, feature cars and talent, parking lot cruises, dyno days, gymkhana’s, track days, breakfast runs, hill climb’s, drifting, radio control car events and much more.

The combination of enthusiasm and the sheer passion for the “sport” is the driving factor in the increasing success of this website. RACEWEB.CO.ZA is a firmly established entity with its finger firmly on the pulse of everything that goes down! This is our world, our playground, this is...

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