17 August 2012| Review & photos:
Saleem Nadker | Canal Walk Shopping Mall parking lot, Century City.
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When Faizal Jacobs and his dad took over Kenilworth Karting a few years back, they transformed the dying business into the thriving and entertaining grassroots motorsport stage that it is today. They rebuilt the name and image of Kenilworth Karting so much so that Canal Walk Shopping Mall stood up and noticed the gap they had in the market with their go kart facility, which was closed down due to a law suit regarding negligence from the previous owners.

Canal Walk approached Faizal and his dad to get the go kart track back on pole position again and since then it’s been a battle against the clock for the Jacobs duo. But just like in any reality show, the job gets done sooner or later. Century Karting has been on the tips of everyone’s tongue for the last few months and with any endeavor that starts from scratch, I say scratch because the whole venue was broken and torn down and basically rebuilt again, they had their delays. But the time has finally come when we can announce that Century Karting will be opening their doors to the public today, the 17th of August 2012 at 2PM.

With the Jacobs family having the right experience in the industry for the last few years, they have rebuilt Century Karting into the marvel that you all will soon experience. Brand new go karts, brand new everything. The track layout has been changed also as well as the general area inside the venue. We thought we’d give you guys a tour of the place. (I just can’t wait for league to start again!) Check it out below…

This is the main entrance. It’s been improved with larger sliding doors which allow more visibility in and out of the track. They have also included a corner display area where Faizal and Waheed's 125cc Superkarts are currently parked.

They might look all shiny and cute... but they will rip your head off! 125cc Superkarts... 6 speed gear box, runs on Avgas racing fuel, these bad boys will outrun most cars around the track. You can watch them in action at the monthly short circuit regional race meeting at Killarney Raceway.

Walking in through the sliding doors, you are immediately greeted by the sheer size of this circuit. There also just happens to be a Class A GTi Challenge race car of Faizal Jacobs with matching Century Karting/Kenilworth Karting decals parked inside.

So you think you can race? Get to know your flags! Large signage is on either side of the entrance doors. You can’t say you never saw it when you get black flagged for driving like a monkey!

This is where you need to go if you want to book a race. The "famous" ticket office! Prices can be seen alongside the window.

A closer look at this Class A GTi Challenge VW Polo which is piloted by owner Faizal Jacobs. A great opportunity for the kids to see a real race car in the metal. They might even get a chance to sit in it for a photo. Watch Faizal in action every regional race meeting at Killarney Raceway.

To the left of the entrance is the waiting/spectator area where pool tables, grand stands and games can be found. This is also the way to the pits, where you will need to be if you are going to race.

Pit area parking for karts and the briefing/waiting area on the left. This is where you should find your helmets.

Exit the pits and proceed around the corner to the start line.

This is race control, where the race director will sit and communicate with the rest of the track marshals as he overlooks the race with his numerous monitors/equipment inside. Careful guys, big brother is always watching!

The Mulsanne straight (Le Mans) as I like to call it because it’s so long! It gets even longer due to the sweeping bend which leads onto this. But more of that in a bit.

This is at the end of the long straight. It hard on the brakes going into a 90 left which then enters the S bends past the workshop.

Some of the brand new karts are parked at the entrance of the four S bends. The workshop can be found on the right of this.

The end of the workshop S bends which enters the pit entrance sweeping bend.

Looking back at the workshop S bends, spectators have a viewing area right in the middle of the track getting them up close and right in the middle of the action giving them that "on track" feeling.

Pit entrance. Remember to slow down if you're going to enter, if not this is more or less where you start giving full throttle to build up onto that long main straight.

This is after you pass the pit entrance and the grand stands and pool tables which we saw earlier are behind you now. This is the sweeping bend which takes you onto the main straight and over the traps. Remember there’s a 90 left at the end of the straight. Hard on the brakes, and do it all over again!

Who will be setting the new lap records here...

Last minute tweaking, preping and cleaning happening in the workshop before the doors are opened to the public.

A marshal does some testing on a new kart while laying some rubber down onto the new asphalt!

Another marshal cleans some dirt off the sticky rubber from the brand new track.

Mr Jacobs Snr aka "Papa Smurf" getting involved and helping to clean up before the big open. Goes to show the type of people who you will be dealing with here.

Race rules displayed again. No excuses guys!

The passage way along the main straight. On the right is the eating area where you can sit, relax and watch the entire race. The toilets can also be found down this passage for those who suffer from the infamous "nervous pee".

Just like at Kenilworth Karting, monitors with all the race information like lap times, positions, race time etc can be found all along the perimeter of the track keeping everyone in touch with what’s going on track side.

That's basically how I can best describe and illustrate this awesome new venue for now. I will be doing some laps soon enough and I will be posting the onboard video with my analysis of that. Be sure to stay tuned to check that out. For now you can browse the rest of the pics below to get a better feel. Also find some details of their opening specials so dont miss out on that...

From Faizal Jacobs:

Century Karting will officially open today 17 August 2012 at 2pm,we are situated on the Eastern Mezzanine Level Canal Walk. Opening Half Price Special on 10,15 & 20 lap races on Friday 2pm-11pm, Saturday & Sunday from 9am-5pm. Trading hours will be till 11pm. For more info contact Faizal on 0823555111 or bb pin 2934118D.

For more info on karting be sure to check out www.karting.co.za

- Saleem


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