Posted: 26 May 2016 | Video by: Junaid Hamid

Attending the 2016 Jaguar Simola Hill Climb was exciting as always as it is in my opinion South Africa's premier motorsport event. We've been covering the hill climb since it started and we can definitely say the organisers have turned it into a world class event! With the best cars and drivers from all over the country competing for the prestigious King of the Hill title, we were there to cover the action.

As much as I really wanted to shoot stills of all the amazing cars, Nish had me covered on that so I instead to try my hand at shooting a video for a change. This is only the second video since my Supa Drift Round 02 video that I put a little effort into. I am pretty happy with the outcome, though there's always room for improvement, I hope you enjoy watching it.

I decided to go with a local artist's music sound track. Liam Davy aka DJ Moneo put two beautiful piano pieces together for this video. It was so amazing I decided to cut basically all the sound from the clips, except for Dezzi's 1400hp Skyline launching off the line. There was too much ambient noise anyway which disturbed the great music.

Watch and enjoy!

Junaid Hamid
RaceMasteR J


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