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Is there a picture that we took of you? Fancy having a high resolution copy for personal use or maybe you want to have it blown up and printed to frame in your lounge, Raceweb offers all our images to you in high resolution format for a nominal fee of R50 per image.

Click here to download an example of a Hi Res image. (2500 X 1666 pixels | 1 MB | 240 dpi)

To place an order we will need the url (link) of the image or image page.

Image url: http://www.raceweb.co.za/shows12/japfest/images/japfest_062.jpg
Image page url: http://www.raceweb.co.za/shows12/japfest/pages/japfest_062.htm

Please complete all the fields below.

An invoice will be made out and sent to the given email address which will inlude our banking details.

Once proof of payment has been received the order will be processed and the high resolution image will be emailed to you.

Queries: info@raceweb.co.za


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