20 October 2012 | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Story: Nashrene Schloss | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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Few racing events require your balls to have their own msa license, but ‘if you want to roll with the big dogs don’t piss like a puppy’ and while hardened rally drivers might consider it just another day at the office us mere mortals require a lot more mechanical, physical and mental (valium) preparation.

The CCMCC’s Fix-A-Smash All Tar Rally on the 20th October forms part of the 2012 Western Province Rally Sprint Series, and contrary to other rallies this one is unique in that it combines racing and rallying. They are also generous enough to allow full circuit disciplines like Clubman’s and Challenge to partake in the fun (Racing versus Rally class)… at their own risk of course and that of Killarney’s long standing building structures.

This is Killarney the unofficial tour, I couldn’t help but find the ‘slow down’ sign as you flat-foot down the old pit lane onto the track both humorous and contradictory to our intentions. Its down and dirty, viewed at angles (upside down in the case of Lourens van Rensburg and Kesevan Naidoo in their Ford Escort BDA) and speeds no sane person would ever wish to encounter. Every bump, gutter and crevice an assault on your senses, recent msa members and strained-to-the-limit piece of machinery you have foolishly entrusted your life upon.

Every wall, fence, office and even the tighter-than-Kylie’s-butt subway an obstacle that needs to veered past or driven though. I’ve known Paul Simon for quite a few years but this is the first time I’ve screamed his name repeatedly and in earnest - as “Paul’s office” became a navigational landmark which needed to NOT be driven into. He might have been flattered were he not so busy fighting his own navigational demons with Gary Meyer as driver in the MKI ‘behind’ us.

Forecasting had us prepared to get wet, very wet (some race drivers consider windscreen rubber a non-necessity) but the weather cleared and all 6 tarmac special stages were completed in sunny albeit windy conditions. 40 cars started on the grid with 17 falling along the wayside due to various mechanical hard-driving induced failings, evidence of which could be found spewed alongside the track at various intervals. 70 km’s of raw unadulterated adrenaline, pushing both man and machine way past the limit(er).

Rally class had legend Mike Nathan (with co-driver Graig Gray) doing what he does best, drive the crap out of his car and reaffirmed his alpha dog status with an extremely dominating performance in the ex_fernando Rueda GP N4 specification Mitsibishi Lancer Evo 9 Turbo 4x4. Clinching first amongst the Race cars were Gavin Cerff and Ernest Roos in their MKI 2L. So convincing in fact was their performance that they would have achieved 2nd overall behind Mike had the two disciplines been combined.

And so it was that Killarney Raceway survived yet another All-Tar Rally, testament to her strong foundation, resistance to abuse and excellent event organisation that provided safe yet exciting entertainment for the loyal spectators and ball-breaking challenges for the brave competitors. Thanks to the sponsor’s and organisors who made it all possible, and here’s hoping we continue this insane and magnificent tradition for many more years to come.


Fix-a-Smash Specialists in Collision Repair, Freightmore Road & Freight Specialists, Yossi Signage, Inside Sports Lounge and Cuisine, The Burner, G&A Promotions, Popeye Trucking, DMG Autoglass, M&L Panelbeaters, Kodec Auto Electrical & Mechanical, Bikers Delight Racing, Moose Engineering, Dinesh Auto Trimmers, Silkuni Importers & Distributors and Magnum Radiators.

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