13 October 2012| Photos: Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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With one successful Street2Strip event under their belt, Sarafina Consultants and the CPi team hosted their second event on the 13th of October at Killarney Raceways drag strip. Starting from 6PM and leading into the night these event’s always give you that street racing atmosphere, but without the cops chasing you. A great initiative by Killarney to get the guys off the streets the quarter mile drag strip is the best way to lay down the gauntlet to see who’s car is quickest over 400m’s. As usual the crowds came out in their masses to support their friends while other’s raced against the clock. Chevan was covering the drags while I was at the oval snapping Round 3 of the Drift Africa Driver Search competition. More of the drifting here. Check out the rest of the drag pics below.

Low Lux... only in Cape Town! Gotta love it!

Hello Lambo! Nice to meet you, wana RACE?!

Cheaper racing costs equals more competitors equals more spectators!

Is this what you would call a boxing match?

Is it just me or are the VVL's taking over?!

Nope, they're definitely taking over!

This dude thought he was in a burnout competition again.

Father about to show the son just how it's done!

Where there's a dice, there's a Honda.

Check out the rest of the pics below.


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cpi-s2s-02_071 cpi-s2s-02_072 cpi-s2s-02_073 cpi-s2s-02_074 cpi-s2s-02_075
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cpi-s2s-02_086 cpi-s2s-02_087 cpi-s2s-02_088    
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