01 September 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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If you’re wondering, CPI in this case does not mean “consumer price index”. Instead they are a national tuning company that’s becoming rather well known amongst petrol heads due to their customer cars getting awesome power gains and running very impressive time’s on the strip with minimal inputs. They specialize in serial port programming for most modern cars and are aimed at the guy who wants more power without losing his mojo.

CPI recently hosted Street2Strip in conjunction with Sarafina Consultants at Killarney Race Track in Cape Town. With the Muslim month of Ramadaan coming to an end this event was the first race meeting after a long break. The guys were more than eager to rip up the quarter mile tar. Unfortunately the original date which was the 25th of August got rained out. It was then decided to move it to the 1st of September and what an awesome day it turned out to be. With MSA drags happening from the morning, CPI Street2Strip started after that around 6PM which ran till just after 10PM. Four hours of racing with the queues going around turn 5, Killarney was almost running at maximum capacity… for drags.

Myself and Raceweb newcomer Chevan got some snaps of what went down. Once again I cannot guarantee we got everyone, but I’m sure there’s a good chance we got most of you who entered. Check out the gallery below for the rest of the pics. Well done to CPI and Sarafina Consultants as well as all their sponsors and partners for hosting a great event.

Fellow karting racer Zaheer Phillips smoking his VR6 on the warm up... Legendary sounds!

The CPI tuned GTR ran all by himself... nobody wanted to take him on...

Tapie won the burnout competition in his 1J powered E30. A 5th gear burnout is pretty damn impressive!

This R33 got the golden boot to MSA drags as he broke out. He is doing his "going home" run here.

This S2000 was kicking ass for most of the event...

As usual you always find some beauties parked in between all the hustle and bustle...

Faizal Reynolds took part in his newly aqquired M-Coupe. Watch this space.

I think VTEC must of kicked in here... Yo!

Check out the rest of the gallery below...

RaceMasteR J


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cpi-street2strip_001 cpi-street2strip_002 cpi-street2strip_003 cpi-street2strip_004 cpi-street2strip_005
cpi-street2strip_006 cpi-street2strip_007 cpi-street2strip_008 cpi-street2strip_009 cpi-street2strip_010
cpi-street2strip_011 cpi-street2strip_012 cpi-street2strip_013 cpi-street2strip_014 cpi-street2strip_015
cpi-street2strip_016 cpi-street2strip_017 cpi-street2strip_018 cpi-street2strip_019 cpi-street2strip_020
cpi-street2strip_021 cpi-street2strip_022 cpi-street2strip_023 cpi-street2strip_024 cpi-street2strip_025
cpi-street2strip_026 cpi-street2strip_027 cpi-street2strip_028 cpi-street2strip_029 cpi-street2strip_030
cpi-street2strip_031 cpi-street2strip_032 cpi-street2strip_033 cpi-street2strip_034 cpi-street2strip_035
cpi-street2strip_036 cpi-street2strip_037 cpi-street2strip_038 cpi-street2strip_039 cpi-street2strip_040
cpi-street2strip_041 cpi-street2strip_042 cpi-street2strip_043 cpi-street2strip_044 cpi-street2strip_045
cpi-street2strip_046 cpi-street2strip_047 cpi-street2strip_048 cpi-street2strip_049 cpi-street2strip_050
cpi-street2strip_051 cpi-street2strip_052 cpi-street2strip_053 cpi-street2strip_054 cpi-street2strip_055
cpi-street2strip_056 cpi-street2strip_057 cpi-street2strip_058 cpi-street2strip_059 cpi-street2strip_060
cpi-street2strip_061 cpi-street2strip_062 cpi-street2strip_063 cpi-street2strip_064 cpi-street2strip_065
cpi-street2strip_066 cpi-street2strip_067 cpi-street2strip_068 cpi-street2strip_069 cpi-street2strip_070
cpi-street2strip_071 cpi-street2strip_072 cpi-street2strip_073 cpi-street2strip_074 cpi-street2strip_075
cpi-street2strip_076 cpi-street2strip_077 cpi-street2strip_078 cpi-street2strip_079 cpi-street2strip_080
cpi-street2strip_081 cpi-street2strip_082 cpi-street2strip_083 cpi-street2strip_084 cpi-street2strip_085
cpi-street2strip_086 cpi-street2strip_087 cpi-street2strip_088 cpi-street2strip_089 cpi-street2strip_090
cpi-street2strip_091 cpi-street2strip_092 cpi-street2strip_093 cpi-street2strip_094 cpi-street2strip_095
cpi-street2strip_096 cpi-street2strip_097 cpi-street2strip_098 cpi-street2strip_099 cpi-street2strip_100
cpi-street2strip_101 cpi-street2strip_102 cpi-street2strip_103 cpi-street2strip_104 cpi-street2strip_105
cpi-street2strip_106 cpi-street2strip_107 cpi-street2strip_108 cpi-street2strip_109 cpi-street2strip_110
cpi-street2strip_111 cpi-street2strip_112 cpi-street2strip_113 cpi-street2strip_114 cpi-street2strip_115
cpi-street2strip_116 cpi-street2strip_117 cpi-street2strip_118 cpi-street2strip_119 cpi-street2strip_120
cpi-street2strip_121 cpi-street2strip_122 cpi-street2strip_123 cpi-street2strip_124 cpi-street2strip_125
cpi-street2strip_126 cpi-street2strip_127 cpi-street2strip_128 cpi-street2strip_129 cpi-street2strip_130
cpi-street2strip_131 cpi-street2strip_132 cpi-street2strip_133 cpi-street2strip_134 cpi-street2strip_135
cpi-street2strip_136 cpi-street2strip_137 cpi-street2strip_138 cpi-street2strip_139 cpi-street2strip_140
cpi-street2strip_141 cpi-street2strip_142 cpi-street2strip_143 cpi-street2strip_144 cpi-street2strip_145
cpi-street2strip_146 cpi-street2strip_147 cpi-street2strip_148 cpi-street2strip_149 cpi-street2strip_150
cpi-street2strip_151 cpi-street2strip_152 cpi-street2strip_153 cpi-street2strip_154 cpi-street2strip_155
cpi-street2strip_156 cpi-street2strip_157 cpi-street2strip_158 cpi-street2strip_159 cpi-street2strip_160
cpi-street2strip_161 cpi-street2strip_162 cpi-street2strip_163 cpi-street2strip_164  
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