04 November 2012 | Photos & words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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There is no other Supercar as evocative as a Ferrari and it’s one of the most exhilarating to cars drive. I speak from experience as recently I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a 458 Italia around Killarney. So when news came that SEFAC, the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club, was going to be hosting a track day, I was there like a bear! I was also told that they were expecting 1 of 599 limited edition 599 GTO’s to be present as well, which made my anticipation even that more unbearable.

Arriving at the track I immediately noticed that this was no everyday affair. Security was tight and if you weren’t on the special guest list, too bad, you had to park in the general spectator area. Fortunately I was on the list so I managed to park and get up close and personal. Walking into pit lane there was a buzzing hub of activity with plenty of colour coded owners walking about.

The car that immediately grabbed my attention was a 458 Spider. One reason being because it was painted in pearl white, and two, because it was the first car in the row.

There were undoubtedly more camera’s than cars. Not surprising as this was a rare occasion for fans to adore there poster idols in the metal.

Even though they are very rare, there were plenty around, the pits were always full while the others thrashed their pride and joys on the track.

And thrash they did! These track days are covered by their insurance companies so owners have peace of mind when they throw them into the corners.

The highlight for me had to be the sight of this very rare 599 GTO on track and the sound of it at full throttle.

This fully prep’d track spec Maserati clearly was one of the more experienced guys as it could be seen by his driving style and bravery in and out of the corners.

There were a few old timers in the mix as well like this F355 Challenge. Still a looker!

This 328 GTS is showing its younger brother how it's done!

I used to have a poster of this car on my wall as a kid... amongst many others.

I think the father looks more excited than the child here...

The brand new four wheel drive FF even did some laps around the circuit.

These cars can only really be apreciated when they're infront of you. I never thought much of the 458 when it came out untill I saw it for real.

Even the ladies got in on the action.

Track days are a serious business and no chances can afford to be taken.

The day ended off with a parade lap and owners and guests were treated to lunch while they watched the Grand Prix. Thanks to SEFAC for the invite and hospitality. We certainly are looking forward to the next one!

Have a look through the rest of the pics below...

RaceMasteR J


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