Posted: 22 August 2012| Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Words: Saleem Nadker

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Now days one often has to think twice when reading the name of an event or car show. Sadly not all events live up to their name. But after attending the Inner City Muscle Car show last week Saturday, 18th August 2012, they could not have named it any better. A parking lot in the middle of the Cape Town CBD, filled with hot American Muscle Cars! This was a car show where the cars were the stars. The cars did all the talking and there was no need for any additional thrills and spills.

Now when I mentioned this event on facebook last week, I said that everyone has a little muscle car love in them, at least I would think so. Because no matter what you fancy these days, old skool American V8 muscle will just never… get old. The sound, the sheer size, the chrome, the sharp lines which lead to curvy corners… which real petrol head could deny that kind of machinery?

60’s Styled stars and stripes were the flavor of the day. Cheque skirts and polka dot shirts, pigtails and bright red lipstick… the only thing that was missing was Betty Boop herself. I must admit it was revitalizing. For once, I felt like the one who was sticking out. But I didn’t care; there were plenty of precious metal around to be shot. Unfortunately, I don’t know how this happened, but my camera batteries seemed to have died sooner than expected and I was forced to use Taariq’s little pocket camera, which also died a “James Dean” death on me. None the less I managed to get a few snaps in before it was game over.

The Shelby GT500 Eleanor. One of the most famous muscle car's from our time made famous by the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds. Always a winner no matter what!

Chevy Bel Air fitted with the perfect matching wheel!

The Pontiac Trans Am. I can't help but think of Burt Reynolds when I see this car...

Lincoln Continental - I think the Grim Reaper would fancy this... and that's not because you can fit about 10 bodies in the boot...

A true South African muscle... bakkie! The Ford Cortina. This was a very fine example of a 2.5L V6 model.

Thurteen Worx was also in attendance with their custom made bikes. Very cool!

Probably the second most famous type of American car, infamous for their sideways action and flying abilities, this decommissioned police car clearly made it out of the states unscathed.

Like a Boss! Nuff said...

Check out the gallery at the below for the rest of the pics.



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