10 November 2012 | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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Rev Life… this event is certainly one for the history books! I haven’t seen Killarney so packed to capacity for many years. Brought to you by Goodhope FM and D1S, it was a combination of MSA drags, which saw some very fast cars grace our quartermile strip and round 4 of Shakedown, which is one of the bigger drift competitions in SA. With the radio ad being broadcasted 100 times a day from two weeks prior to the event, it was a no brainer that Killarney was going to become a Sardine can. And with the weather on the day being hotter than a fully boosted turbo, we became fried Sardines in a Killarney can.

With the main attraction being the 32 inter/national drifters taking part, I had to be at the oval, but at the same time I didn’t want to miss out on the 8 second drag cars on the strip. Lately drags have become a little monotonous for me, but news of the No Sweat Skyline being here I had to check it out. It was worth it! The Skyline ran a crazy 8.6 second pass on the strip. I think that just might be a record for Killarney. Goes to show, if a car is built to go fast, it should be built to stop equally as fast! So much for Killarney’s stopping distance being too short for cars faster than 9 seconds. Point proven!

Watch the video below:

This was another crowd pleaser with its Darth Vader boosted sound track.

Ex Raceweb cover car of Ralph now in a completely new suit and tie sporting twin turbo's ran a very impressive 9.2 on its second outing only.

Lunch time saw a drift demo by the D1S guys...

Which included stunts by Brian Capper.

Ready D is getting brave! Hats/helmets off to you Sir! You put on a good show!

It started to get a bit rawkus after a while, this scene somehow reminded me of the Gatebil event in Norway.

The poor marshals had to clean up the mess afterwards as there was still half a day’s racing left to do.

And some of the quarter mile racers weren’t too happy about what just happened on their strip.

We moved over to the oval and saw this massive screen for spectators to watch. Awesome!

The guys from GoPro SA were out in full force filming the event.

Check out the awesome video they made below:

How cool are those overhead shots?!

The oval was packed to the brim! Bring back the glory days!

Local drifter Shane Green battles against Quinsley Sale in his awesome S13.

The drifting was incredible to watch and just as great to listen to. Cape Town was treated to some great machines.

This Supra was a definite crowd pleaser with its Supercharged Corvette motor...

The long day and heat eventually took its toll on a lot of drivers and cars with some early upsets and knock outs as well as plenty of retirements.

There were some real nutters out there, like this Toyota Soarer...like I said, the heat got to some of the drivers.

Bronny was changing the weather every time he went out... from sunny to partly cloudy in 1 lap.

If you were there you would remember this car for its rev-bang soundtrack which could be heard in the next suburb.

The finals saw Chase and Bronny go head to head...

But Bronny suffered some boost pipe issues...

Once fixed the smoke machine was out again...

But it was Chase in his Nissan R33 who was ultimately victorious in the end! Well done to Chase for winning round 4 of Shakedown!

As much as I wanted to stick around to take more snaps, the heat eventually got the best of me and I called it a day. Have a look through the rest of the pics which I managed to capture below...

- Nicholas


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