07 September 2012| Photos & words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


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Today was a day that I thought would never happen. But as they say, never say never. I got to meet a fellow petrol head, from another land, but on a completely different level. I met Bryn Musselwhite, associate editor for one of the best websites on the net,

Spending the afternoon with Bryn was invaluable as I got to learn what it takes to be a photographer. From the stories of what he’s done and shot to him telling me about his fellow hunters like Larry Chen and Rod Chong. He explained that he came from a print media background as opposed to the rest of the crew who mainly started off with their own blogs. He also explained some of the shots he took which at first, when I saw him taking it, didn’t make sense to me, but after he explained, it made perfect sense. To be a Speedhunters photographer it’s not just about shooting cars. It’s about capturing the essence of the moment.

I was standing around chatting to Terry Grant when Bryn was snapping away, at what I wasn’t sure, but when he showed me the shot it was something else. Capturing a race car at full pace down the backstraight with a bunch of guys having a good old chat just meters away from the car. I can’t actually explain it, like they say; a picture says a thousand words.
I can’t wait to see Bryns coverage of this weekend’s events, as well as the other feature’s he’s got lined up. Be sure to keep an eye on for the coverage. Otherwise come around to Killarney tomorrow if you want to check out Bryn and his work.

RaceMasteR J


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