04 November 2012 | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Words: Nicholas Abrahams| Location: Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town.


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From humble beginnings several years ago at civic centre halls in retreat, to the great event that it is today, Zabby and his team of dedicated followers have taken the StreetModz brand from strength to strength. From old skool hot rods to the more… spicier cars of today StreetModz caters for all types of car enthusiasts. This year saw a change of scenery at the Bellville Velodrome from the usual Goodhope Centre, which was a fresh and pleasant experience. With roughly 100 cars and a few bikes on display the floor space was jam-packed to the brim. But that’s excluding the field outside which had the car clubs out and about, but more of that later on. Here’s some of the indoor show cars, find the rest of the gallery further down.

What the?! Yes dear readers, it's a Honda Prelude. This car has been coming on from a very long time and it finally made it out of the workshop. You might remember it from a good few years back when it used to hit the scene hard in its silver paint and its well known front bonnet nostrils/intakes.

This SSS is an absolute minter! I love the colour and rim combo.

TopEnd Racing had one of their latest projects on show which saw a twin turbo conversion done to this 350Z. It's currently making close to 300Kw's on only 0.4bar boost. It's going to be a mental monster once fully completed.

There were a few Mk3's on display from the guys at Outlaw Air Worx. This seems to be the new craze at the moment. But I'm just not sure about the amount of kit needed in the boot to operate it...

There were even a few 86's on show. It's only a matter of time before we see these babies fully kitted out. Not sure about this particular choice of wheel though...

CPI Chip Tuning in the house...

I love it, I love it, I love it! It's interesting to see how the trends are changing, for the better.

An ex Raceweb feature... which I see has been tweeked by CPI...


An M3 convertable fully wrapped... a brave choice of colour which has paid off pretty well!

Like I said, StreetModz caters for all sorts.

This has to be one of the rarest cars in the country. A Honda NSX... a great car with lots of potential, but I think this one just looked a bit dated in stock form. A typical 90's Japanese sports car. But there's nothing a "rim and a drop" can't fix!

Yet another ex Raceweb feature, Cherone and his ZX10 is always a show stopper.

There was a strong Lumina presence... South Africa's modern day muscle car.

How awesome is that!!! Eight XR8's!

Bug life! Respect!

You cant deny the fact that it looks bloody awesome!

I think the guys from CapeStance.com had the best car's on display. These boys are clearly steering the trends now days.

Voted one of the hottest Civic's in Cape Town... Yes Sir!

I love this little Mk1. It's got some crazy camber at the back!

Looks equally as good from the front...

I found this hilarious... but true.

Pure evil! Menacing Matte as its better known was back on show this year with its usual antiques. Looking even better with the black wheels this time...

This doll could come in pretty handy should I intend to scare the sh!t out of someone.

Find the rest of the gallery below.



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