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Driver training for SA Rugby staff members.

Hired to perform hot lap sessions in electric cars for VIP's around the 2023 Cape Town E-Prix circuit.


My driving has improved a lot! My response times in the ambulance and response cars are a lot better and has improved leaps and bounds, not to mention private driving too. I have learned a lot from your course and am recommending all my fellow EMS friends to invest in doing it. Thanks so much!

Lawrence Green
EMS Paramedic

What a great experience! Was made to feel at ease and in control on the track. Junaid gave clear instructions calmly, and I found myself improving lap after lap. Been driving for 30 years, but in just one lesson with Junaid, I discovered that there's a much higher level of skill to be learned. Will definitely be having another lesson!

AK Gangat
Subaru STi

Incredible experience! Strongly recommend to anyone (of any skill level). Junaid was an excellent coach and I learned a lot - also learned a lot about my car in the process!

Also got some great footage (pictures and video) from the day.

Wish I'd done it sooner, and definitely keen to repeat.

Evan Baars
Ford Mustang GT 5.0

Great experience! Very professional and exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Junaid for introducing you to this exciting experience on the track!

Lynette Finlay
Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Now if you’re looking for a substantial improvement in your driving ability + a whole lot of fun on a track. Give Junaid a call. I haven’t had this much fun and fear in years. I learnt that my own mind underestimates what my machine can do - Junaid taught me how to drive a machine closer to its true potential.

He was brilliant, great humor, clear instruction & yes he’s still alive to tell the tale.

I got this as a birthday gift & it was a great gift. Completely unforgettable.

Thank you Junaid - that was memorable

Siboniso Nxumalo

"An absolute fantastic day for my first time on track. Junaid, a highly skilled instructor, won't let you hold back if you don't want to!! He made the difference in getting the most out of the experience. I will definitely be back for another track day! Thank you!"

Tais Aguair
Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8

"Junaid is very knowledgeable. I found his advanced driving course to be informative and thoroughly enjoyable. The track day in particular was thrilling. I highly recommend Junaid to any person who wants to experience what their performance car is capable of."

Ryan Coetzee
Audi RS4 Avant

"Had so much fun out at Killarney with advanced driving instructor Junaid Hamid. It made all the difference having someone with so much experience teaching me what would take ages to learn on my own. Thanks for the help, laughs and letting me know when the red mist was descending.

Having Junaid as an instructor definitely gave me the confidence to tackle my first track day. His calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge did the trick. Highly recommended. More power Captain!"

Mark Rickard
Suzuki Swift Sport


"If you want to get comfortable with the limits of your performance car, Junaid’s Speedstar Advanced Driver Coaching comes highly recommended. You’ll find it an exhilarating and entertaining learning experience."

Nikesh Kooverjee
Car Magazine Journalist
Renault Clio RS

Read all about Nikesh's track experience here!

"Brilliant and informative. We learnt alot and the class definitely helped alot . "SFC" Subaru Fun Crew did the class before our Track Day."

Zain Williams
Subaru Fun Crew Club

“I absolutely recommend advanced driving lessons from Junaid Hamid at Raceweb Advanced Driver Coaching. A friend of mine also saw tremendous value in it for improving driving style and being more alert and composed etc.both on the track and on the road. The skills learnt on the track are transferable to daily road driving. A simple example I can use is when a family commented on my "upgraded brakes", but my car's brakes were not changed and it was actually just smoother breaking and gear changes which I learnt on the track during my lesson.

Most importantly, at the end of the day, much fun was had, we were safe, I actually felt an improvement was made, and I would like to return to the track.

Kirwin Mathews
Ford Fiesta ST

“Having worked with Junaid many times I can vouch for his professionalism, work ethic and endless dedication to the motoring industry.

Not only has he over the years gained the experience required to be a great driving coach, but his constant drive to learn new techniques and technologies has made him the go to person in Cape Town when it comes to high performance driver training.

Ernest Page
TV Host, motoring journalist.

Article as appeared in The Daily Voice, November 8, 2013.



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