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Event date: 29 November 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Saldanha Airfield

Saldanha Drags - where whoever crosses the finish line first, doesn’t necessarily win! This race is all about speed. It’s about laying down as much rubber off the start line just to cross the finish line with a higher top speed. Now some of you who are new to this will not understand that. Even though it’s still a race, there’s so much more to factor in. This isn’t quarter mile racing, no, that’s a race against the clock, this, was a #rideforglory! [more]

Posted: 03 December 2014 | Press release by: WPMC.

With a kaleidoscope of motorsport attractions on offer, Saturday’s final main circuit meeting of the year at Killarney includes exciting national participation and seems set to bring the seasonal curtain down in style. Topping the bill, the opening round of the new All-Africa Endurance Series is going to be supported by the final leg of the Power Series sponsored by Wingfield Motors. In addition, in a buildup to an attempt on the African truck pulling record, local muscle man Ben Visagie is ready to attempt to drag a 20 ton truck a distance of 50 metres along the Killarney main... [more]

Event date: 29 November 2014 | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Photos: Otis J. Gore

Some time ago I wrote about the latest wave to sweep across parking lots around the world. It’s something that’s been around since the inception of the car but of late been revived to unbelievable “heights”. Now truth be told this is still not my cup of java but after the very well put together KING OF SLAM event I can definitely see the appeal. [more]

Event date: 11 October 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.

The Wingfield Motors Power Series regional racing is one of the best events to attend and watch as a spectator and I was going to be taking pics like anyone else would, behind the fence. If you’re an accredited Motorsport South Africa photographer you can get real close to the cars on track, but today, I didn’t feel like walking. [more]

Event date: 15 October 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location:Killarney Raceway, Cape Town.

After seeing some teaser pics on social media many people asked me what happened at Killarney on this day. Well it was the Dunlop Track Day, which was a private event meant for special Dunlop customers who were to be treated by being taken around Killarney in either a supercar of some sort or a drift machine. I didn’t actually go to the supercar side which was along the back straight of Killarney, instead I decided to camp out at the oval by the drift... [more]

Event date: 26 September 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Grand West Casino, Cape Town.

The annual Rogue Rally, now in its second year, is designed to be a week of super car road tripping for millionaire play boys and girls. Not only do they get to drive on some of the best roads but they also stop at some of the best race circuits in South Africa. Racing in the day and partying at night with some of the best machinery in the world for 1 week straight. A true test of driver skill and endurance which see’s some amazing locations as well. [more]

Event date: 27 September 2014 | Words & photos: RaceMasteR J | Location: Serepta Sports Field, Kuilsriver, Cape Town.

A few months back we were invited to attend the first ever Toyota Fest in Cape Town. Looking at the date however, it was going to take a bit of shuffling to be able to attend due to a few other big events happening on the same day. But being big Toyota fans ourselves, and owning our mascot, Polizia, which we’ve put into retirement, we decided to remove the covers, blow out all the dust from our Toy and attend what would potentially be a world record event. [more]

Posted: 06 October 2014| Press release by: WPMC.

WIN A MIDAS CLUBMANS IN-CAR TRACK EXPERIENCE AT THE POWER SERIES ON 11 OCTOBER 2014 AT KILLARNEY INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY! 4 people will be given the opportunity to enjoy an in-car experience in a MIDAS CLUBMANS race car during the lunch break to understand what goes on behind the scenes at a race meeting. The competition will close at 3pm on Thursday 9 October 2014. Emails received after that time will not be considered. The winners will be drawn at random and the no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be advised by the WPMC telephonically on Thursday afternoon. [more]

Posted: 26 September 2014 | Story & photos: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.

Liberty Walk: Two words I heard many times before. I had seen the pictures of various Liberty Walk cars in the year preceding SEMA ... It really is an old cliché, but nothing can prepare you for the sheer insanity and detail of a Liberty Walk equipped car live and in person. Liberty Walk has been around since 1993 believe it or not. From Beemers to GT-R's to Lamborghinis and Ferrari's. These guys have really taken it to the next level. [more]

Posted: 26 September 2014 | Story & photos: Nish | Location: Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.

The oxford dictionary defines a celebrity as “a Famous person, especially in entertainment or sport” … or in the Automotive Industry. Ok, so I added the last bit. The craze of Reality TV Shows has definitely broadened the scope of what defines a celebrity. Almost like a cross between a well known individual and an entertainer. These are some of the celebrities we met at SEMA 2013.[more]

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