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Posted: 10 July 2013 | Article by: Jason Sasman | Images: Various


Arriving at Parow Traffic department was defiantly not on my list of fun things to do for the day; especially when it involved having to meet one of the most “feared and hated” cops in the Western Cape. But this drastic step had to be taken because for far too long, many car enthusiasts (as we like to think of ourselves) had been crying out in anger about what they felt has been the unreasonable and unwarranted handling of alleged traffic offenses towards them. More specifically; by one man from the Ghost Squad. I’m referring of course... to Officer Saunders. [more]

Posted: 26June 2013 | Words: Nish | Photos: Nish & Vaano


With the lure of some big power cars, hot Monster Energy Babes and VIP access, we eagerly awaited the first Dyno event TopEnd had to offer. Knowing Leon, I was sure we were in for an event not to miss. It was definitely, erm... different. But everything TopEnd does doesn't seem to follow the normal rule book. This event was more a showcase for the industry, to show what can all be done and to allow the chance to show some of the other great companies they are involved with. We arrived to a flurry of activity inside and outside the event. [more]

Posted: 11 June 2013 by RaceMasteR J


Usually when a new version of a game is released you wonder to yourself, can it get any better than this?! Well in Gran Turismo 5 we were slightly disappointed and thought yeah they could of gotten it a bit better especially since it took ages to actually be released to the public after they first announced its coming. Well, they’ve announced that Gran Turismo 6 is coming out soon, and looking at the video it seems they have closed the gap and gotten things right this time. [more]

Posted: 21 May 2013 by RaceMasteR J


First off, this is by no means a ‘Top 10’, but rather a personal recall of the emerging drift scene in the Cape some ten, maybe more, years ago. Ok, with the disclaimer stuff out the way…let’s move on! The topic actually came about after having a chat with my buddy Nabeel who mentioned that Herman Mahnke, as far as he could recall, was the pioneer of drifting in Cape Town. To some degree, that may be true, but I beg to differ based on my personal experience at Killarney raceway from the multitude of events I have covered there over the years. This got me thinking of a few other names from the past, which immediately got me digging through the Raceweb archives from days gone by. This brought a flood of memories streaming back and based on that, join me on this trip down memory racing lane as we visit the tyre shredding days of yesteryear. [more]

Date: 11 May 2013 | Words & photos by: RaceMasteR J | Location: Dezzi Circuit, Port Shepstone, KZN.


With the South African drift scene unifying under one banner this year, the SupaDrift series has been exploding in more ways than one. It’s with that same excitement that we decided to attend the third round of SupaDrift at the all new Dezzi Circuit in Port Shepstone, KZN. Cape Town, in comparison to Gauteng is rather starved for hardcore drift action. We don’t get to see it that often, and the selection of cars are limited, and we basically only have Killarney to do it at. This trip would see us being able to experience a vast range of never before seen cars at an all new amazing circuit. We love a change of scenery, from the stage to the performers. Being excited was an understatement.[more]

Event date: 27 April 2013 | Words & photos by: Nishaam Ebrahim | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


Always starving for some Circuit action, RACEWEB headed to the Pro tour at Killarney. Karting colleague and long-time friend Sataar Osman was out in his Opel Astra for some Clubman’s Fun. Sadly the car overheated in Heat 1 and had to be retired early. Turn 4 saw its fair share of "farming" - claiming Shift (GTi challenge citi golf) and Sataar (Dalmans Midas Opel Astra) in Friday's practice. Sataar says it was the first time one of his cars seriously injured him on the track straining his arm and shoulder when the steering violently ripped one way then the other during his "off".[more]

Posted: 06 May 2013 by RaceMasteR J


Now as many of you may already know what a “sleeper” car is, I am still going to elaborate a little for those that don’t. Imagine pulling up to a set of “robots”… we’ll say Killarney’s start line lights (for the interest of public safety, because racing on public roads is ILLEGAL! Duh!)… at a Street2Strip event in your somewhat quick vehicle. Let’s say you own a modified M3 or Mercedes AMG… pretty much any car with status and some poke. An unsuspecting car pulls up next to you, no visible mods, no loud exhaust, and you think to yourself, there’s no way in hell that little thing is going to beat me! The lights go green and that very same unsuspecting car leaves you for...[more]

03 May 2013 | By: XS Promotions | Photos: Dave Nisbet Photography


Over 45 of South Africa’s top drivers will be making their way to the Dezzi Raceway in Port Sheptone on the
11th of May, to compete in the AutoTrader SupaDrift Series. The Port Shepstone stop will be the third-round of the
nine-stop national series. It will be the first time KZN will be hosting this championship, which is in its inaugural year.
The event is set to thrill visitors with a bigger pool of drivers and better level of drifting from the club-level competitions that took place last year. This is thanks to three of South Africa’s biggest drifting clubs joining forces to form one, Motor Sport South Africa endorsed, championship.

Posted: 02 May 2013 by RaceMasteR J


I probably know Mike Cook for the last 5 years or so from racing indoor karts together. We’ve raced many a battle on track before, and besides being an absolute gentleman in the true sense, he is extremely modest. But it was only recently that I found out about Mike’s hidden talents… with a paintbrush. Knowing I was in the motorsport industry and both of us having a passion for racing, coupled with my love for photography, specifically of cars, he mentioned he had done a few paintings of various F1 cars and some other stuff. I was intrigued and insisted to see them. [more]

Story by: RaceMasteR J | Photos: Chevan Davids & RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town


I’ve driven many a 3 series BMW before, from the much sought after collector’s item 325is, M3’s be it e36, e92 and even the new F30 (non M3) model. But there’s one particular M3 that has eluded me, until now. The e46 M3. Sure I have sat shotgun in many, but not actually been behind the wheel, and with the CSL model being one of my all time favourite M3’s, the time had to come sooner or later. Opportunity presented itself to me when I had the chance to drive not only an e46 model M3, but this beast of a machine, the fully prepared track spec M3 of Junaid Slamang. There’s no other place to drive this brute but Killarney. I fear our normal public roads would not be able to handle its rubber claws and only crumble upon hard acceleration. [more]

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