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Posted: 26 November 2012


Here's a random wallpaper to start off your Monday. [Click here for the hi res.]

RaceMasteR J

10 November 2012 | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Words: Nicholas Abrahams | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


Rev Life… this event is certainly one for the history books! I haven’t seen Killarney so packed to capacity for many years. Brought to you by Goodhope FM and D1S, it was a combination of MSA drags, which saw some very fast cars grace our quartermile strip and round 4 of Shakedown, which is one of the bigger drift competitions in SA. With the radio ad being broadcast 100 times a day from two weeks prior to the event, it was a no brainer that it Killarney was going to become a Sardine can. And with the weather on the day being hotter than a fully boosted turbo, it we were all fried Sardines. [more]

04 November 2012 | Photos & words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


There is no other Supercar as evocative as a Ferrari and it’s one of the most exhilarating to cars drive. I speak from experience as recently I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a 458 Italia around Killarney. So when news came that SEFAC, the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club, was going to be hosting a track day, I was there like a bear! I was also told that they were expecting 1 of 599 limited edition 599 GTO’s to be present as well, which made my anticipation even that more unbearable. [more]


Posted: 08 November 2012 | Words and photo's by RaceMasteR J

If a car is a reflection of its owner’s personality, then this BMW E30 coupe is an absolute certainty. Vic Pardal is well known for his MC skills at multiple motoring events across the country and better known for being a presenter on the popular television show Mzanzi Ridez. A lover of all things motorsports his flamboyant personality is best shown in his drift machine doing one of motorsports most flamboyant disciplines, drifting. [more]

04 November 2012 | Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Words: Nicholas Abrahams| Location: Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town.

From humble beginnings several years ago at civic centre halls in retreat, to the great event that it is today, Zabby and his team of dedicated followers have taken the StreetModz brand from strength to strength. From old skool hot rods to the more… spicier cars of today StreetModz caters for all types of car enthusiasts. This year saw a change of scenery at the Bellville Velodrome from the usual Goodhope Centre, which was a fresh and pleasant experience. With roughly 100 cars and a few bikes on display the floor space was jam-packed to the brim. But that’s excluding the field outside which had the car clubs out and about, but more of that later on. [more]


20 October 2012 | Photos: RaceMasteR J | Story: Nashrene Schloss | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.

Few racing events require your balls to have their own msa license, but ‘if you want to roll with the big dogs don’t piss like a puppy’ and while hardened rally drivers might consider it just another day at the office us mere mortals require a lot more mechanical, physical and mental (valium) preparation. [more]


PRESS RELEASE | Posted: 30 October 2012 | Images: Various

4 November 2012 will see a host of Ferrari’s take to the track, the event being the annual Ferrari Club Track Day. The event gives owners of these beautiful fast cars an opportunity to drive them quicker than they would on the road. Killarney is a challenging track but it does also give owners an opportunity to revel in the track ability of their cars. [more]


PRESS RELEASE | Posted: 29 October 2012 | Images: Various

Good Hope Fm Revolution Lifestyle: Landmark Extreme Lifestyle event heads to Cape Town, South Africa in Adrenalin-fuelled Motorfest. South Africa’s premier drift exhibition team D1S, in collaboration with GoodHope FM will set fire to Cape Towns Killarney Racetrack, come November 10th. This landmark event will feature South Africa’s top 32 Drifters, along with the best from neighbouring Mozambique battling it out for top honours against each other, in what has to be the most epic Drift battle to ever take place on South African soil. [more]


14 October 2012| Photos: Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.

I don’t think there’s ever been an all Jap fest hosted in Cape Town before. Sure there have been a few Germany VS Japan events which were more focused on drag racing, but not this. So when we heard about this event we were as you would expect… excited, being lover’s of all things hailing from Red Sun country. What made it more enticing was the fact that it wasn’t based on drags but rather a track day. Which led me to think back to watching those High Octane and Option DVD’s, seeing 1000HP Skylines ripping up the track… but this was South Africa and more specifically, Cape Town. So I knew it wasn’t going to be all that I had imagined, but hey, it was a great idea from Shiraz Bawa, organizer of the event. With this being the first one, let’s hope there’s more to come in the future, with whatever Skylines, RX7’s, Scoobies, Evo’s… and every other wet Japanese dream car there is out there to come play.[more]

13 October 2012| Photos: Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.

With one successful Street2Strip event under their belt, Sarafina Consultants and the CPi team hosted their second event on the 13th of October at Killarney Raceways drag strip. Starting from 6PM and leading into the night these event’s always give you that street racing atmosphere, but without the cops chasing you. A great initiative by Killarney to get the guys off the streets the quarter mile drag strip is the best way to lay down the gauntlet to see who’s car is quickest over 400m’s. As usual the crowds came out in their masses to support their friends while other’s raced against the clock. Chevan was covering the drags while I was at the oval snapping Round 3 of the Drift Africa Driver Search competition. More of the drifting here. [more]

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