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14 September 2012


RACEWEB welcomes our new ambassador, The Red Baron #68, Ronald Slamet, to the team.

Ronald Slamet, 24, who is originally from Namibia but who has firmly planted himself in the Mother City and soon to be making name nationally has joined forces with Raceweb.co.za. Ronald currently rides in the WPMC regional races as well as the Wesbank Super Series nationals. He is currently in his third year of regional racing now and plans to pilot his BMW S1000RR superbike full time in the national series.

We are proud to announce that Ronald the Red Baron #68 will be flying the flag high as a Raceweb ambassador and we will be...[more]


08 September 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


After an epic days worth of racing at the Ford & Friends event, it was time for Drift Africa Driver Search Round 02. But due to this event being placed after the main circuit racing at the end of the day, the sun was going down faster than expected and it turned out to be a race to get the most shots in before the sun was completely down. [more]

08 September 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids | Words: Taariq "Shift" Samodien | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


This past weekend Killarney Raceway played host the momentous Ford and Friends, a much anticipated event aimed at paying tribute and homage to everything that is Ford. Founded way back in June 1903, Ford Motor Company has enjoyed more than a century of motoring excellence, and on this sunny day in Cape Town, recognition was given to those that have lived the Ford name to the tee. [more]

07 September 2012| Photos & words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


Today was a day that I thought would never happen. But as they say, never say never. I got to meet a fellow petrol head, from another land, but on a completely different level. I met Bryn Musselwhite, associate editor for one of the best websites on the net, Speedhunters.com.

Spending the afternoon with Bryn was invaluable as I got to learn what it takes to be a Speedhunters.com photographer. From the stories of what he’s done and shot to him telling me about his fellow hunters like Larry Chen and Rod Chong. He explained that he came from a print media background as opposed to the rest of the crew who mainly started off with their own blogs. He also explained some of the shots he took which at first, when I saw him taking it, didn’t make sense to me, but after he explained, it made perfect sense. To be a Speedhunters photographer it’s not just about shooting cars. It’s about capturing the essence of the moment...

01 September 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J & Chevan Davids | Words: RaceMasteR J | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.


If you’re wondering, CPI in this case does not mean “consumer price index”. Instead they are a national tuning company that’s becoming rather well known amongst petrol heads due to their customer cars getting awesome power gains and running very impressive time’s on the strip with minimal inputs. They specialize in serial port programming for most modern cars and are aimed at the guy who wants more power without losing his mojo.

CPI recently hosted Street2Strip in conjunction with Sarafina Consultants at Killarney Race Track in Cape Town. With the Muslim month of Ramadaan coming to an end this event was the first race meeting after a long break. The guys were more than eager to rip up the quarter mile tar. Unfortunately the original date which was the 25th of August got rained out. It was then decided to move it to the 1st of September and what an awesome day it turned out to be. With MSA drags happening from the morning, CPI Street2Strip started after that around 6PM which ran till just after 10PM. Four hours of racing with the queues going around turn 5, Killarney was almost running at maximum capacity… for drags.
.. [more]


25 August 2012| Photos: RaceMasteR J | Words: Jody Powell | Location: Killarney Race Track, Cape Town.

After many years of anticipation, Cape Town finally has its own local Drifting series in the form of Drift Africa Driver Search! The inaugural event took place on the 25th of August 2012 at Killarney Raceway but not without the greetings of Mother Nature in the form of rain. But, Drift Africa is an All Weather Company and they were adamant that nothing would get in their way of hosting Round 1 of the Driver Search. Surprisingly 10 drivers pitched up for the challenge and made for an interesting afternoon of fun and excitement as there was a 50/50 split between experienced and inexperienced drivers. [more]


Posted 23 August 2012| Video by: RaceMasteR J | Killarney Race Track.

Sit shotgun in the Century Karting Class A GTi Challenge Polo of Faizal Jacobs. Faizal decided to enter his Challenge car into the Clubmans race for a change. The Clubmans cars are much better set up in all ways as they have minimal restrictions compared to Challenge cars. Not bad considering, even though his race ended early due to some gremlins under the bonnet. This race was on the 14th of April 2012 at Killarney Race Track. Sit back and enjoy the battle.

RaceMasteR J

Posted: 22 August 2012| Photos: Nishaam Ebrahim | Words: Saleem Nadker

Now days one often has to think twice when reading the name of an event or car show. Sadly not all events live up to their name. But after attending the Inner City Muscle Car show last week Saturday, 18th August 2012, they could not have named it any better. A parking lot in the middle of the Cape Town CBD, filled with hot American Muscle Cars! This was a car show where the cars were the stars. The cars did all the talking and there was no need for any additional thrills and spills. [more]

22 August 2012| Post by: RaceMasteR J | Images: RaceWeb + unknown.

Drift Africa will also be hosting their first round of the 2012 Drift Africa drivers search on Saturday 25th August at the Killarney oval. Other Drift Africa events are scheduled to be at the Ford & Friends event on 8th September and the organizers are working on a concept to host a few events on Wednesday evenings at Killarney in October, dates will be finalized soon.

Drift Africa Driver search competitors... [read more]

21 August 2012| Video by: RaceMasteR J | Century Karting, Canal Walk, Cape Town.

Popped in at the brand new Century Karting in Canal Walk to do some laps to check it out. Ended up racing with two friends, Khaleel and the owner, Faya. Unfortunately my GoPro battery died sooner than expected. The action only heated up later on. Next time. For a full tour of Century Karting, be sure to check the following link out: http://www.raceweb.co.za/homefeats/centurykarting/

RaceMasteR J

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