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20 August 2012| Video by: RaceMasteR J | TOPEND Racing , Cape Town.


Took the Raceweb Twincam turbo for a power run to the boys at TOPEND Racing. The car needs some TLC as it's a bit down on power. It managed 197kW's and 323nm's. Also, there's 2 short clips of me playing through the gears after the power run. More info regarding tuning etc... visit www.topend.co


17 August 2012| Review & photos:
Saleem Nadker | Canal Walk Shopping Mall parking lot, Century City. 


When Faizal Jacobs and his dad took over Kenilworth Karting a few years back, they transformed the dying business into the thriving and entertaining grassroots motorsport stage that it is today. They rebuilt the name and image of Kenilworth Karting so much so that Canal Walk Shopping Mall stood up and noticed the gap they had in the market with their go kart facility, which was closed down due to a law suit regarding negligence from the previous owners.

Canal Walk approached Faizal and his dad to get the go kart track back on pole position again and since then it’s been a battle against the clock for the Jacobs duo. But just like in any reality show, the job gets done sooner or later. Century Karting has been on the tips of everyone’s tongue for the last few months and with any endeavor that starts from scratch, I say scratch because the whole venue was broken and torn down and basically rebuilt again, they had their delays. But the time has finally come when we can announce that Century Karting will be opening their doors to the public today, the 17th of August 2012 at 2PM.

With the Jacobs family having the right experience in the industry for the last few years, they have rebuilt Century Karting into the marvel that you all will soon experience. Brand new go karts, brand new everything. The track layout has been changed also as well as the general area inside the venue. We thought we’d give you guys a tour of the place.

16 August 2012| Images by: Tauriq Abrahams & Shawaal Davids | Story by: Jason Sasman.


Balance, in the automotive sense, has always been the goal of many, as it embodies the ultimate in all round enjoyment. And to be able to get such balance is not easy. For Mubeen Sahib, this has been a four-year journey. Mubeen always knew that he wanted his latest project to embody the ultimate poise, a combination of raw power with soft styling, shining vividly without being outspoken, having race-edged performance with luxurious comfort...[more]

15 August 2012| Post by: RaceMasteR J | Images: Gavin Kleinschmidt

Be sure to check out Cape Town's first "Inner City Muscle Car Show & Afterparty"

Date: 18 August 2012
Time: 1PM onwards
Venue: Heritage Square, Cape Town
Entry fee: Free

- If you have a muscle car please bring it to share with all.
- Car Show & Displays - Heritage Square
- Some of Cape Town's raddest Muscle Cars & Hot Rods on display
- Food & Drink Stalls
- Tattoo Artists
- Miss Happ – Rockabilly & Pinup clothing & accessories
- AnonaMiss Beauty - Pin-up Make-up
- SA Hot Rod Magazine
- Monster Energy
- SkorroKorro Knuckledraggers Custom Bikes
- Bluecollarwhitecollar

[read more]

14 August 2012| Post by: RaceMasteR J

Pimp your rides and prepare for another STREETMODZ high octane experience. The venue has been changed from the usual Goodhope Centre to the Bellville Velodrome which is set to take place on the 4th of November 2012. The only other shows I can recall that took place at the Velodrome was the Xtreme Veedubz Thunder & Lightning show and Tunerz 2. But that was a while back. So lets see what Zabby and his crew can pull of this time. For more info, give Zabby a call on 083 758 4330.

- RaceMasteR J

13 August 2012| Review by: Ashraf Parker. | Photos:
RaceMasteR J.

Leaving the house at the crack of dawn is not an easy task, expecially in this weather..So the reason for this little excursion must have been pretty darn good. Thankfully, checking out the only Civic Type R sedan in South Africa was reason enough to get any petrolhead, especially those in Cape Town, out of bed at any hour. A legendary brand, a cult of loyal followers - mention the Type R to any man on the street who knows about cars, and you'll earn his respect.[more]

06 August 2012| Images & story by: Saadiq Barnes.

It’s not often you find a 1978 Toyota Corolla looking as if it had just left the factory, and this is exactly what Roberto Ferreira is cruising around these streets in. I met up with Roberto at our local roadhouse to shoot his Corolla although, Cape Town’s gloomy winter weather posed a threat. It had stormed the night before; the clouds were still grey and hanging heavy. It looked as if it could pour any minute, but these were perfect conditions for bringing out the features of this beauty. [more]

26 July 2012 | Review, photos & video by: RaceMasteR J. | Location: Killarney Raceway.

There are a lot of people who hate me right now. I don't blame them. But I don't think I should be blamed either. My dream drive came about rather unexpected. It was an early Thursday morning when I got a call saying stop everything I'm doing and be ready in 5 minutes to be picked up. Why I asked? I was told that my opinion was needed about a certain matter and that we were going to see a man about a horse. A red horse, a prancing horse, a 458 Italia horse! I was naturally dumbfounded but immediately grabbed all my camera gear and headed out the door. [more]

22 July 2012| Images by: Nishaam Ebrahim | Review by: RaceMasteR J.

I finally got to drive the car how I wanted to… sideways! I mean, that’s what everyone’s talking about? Isn’t it? It’s supposedly the new Hachi Roku is it not? This car supposed to go sideways pretty well, but nowhere locally have I found anyone mentioning anything about that. I had to see for myself. Now I’m not going to tell you about how good the driving position is, or how it looks in the metal or even about its fuel economy. You can go to your local dealership for that. I’ll give you my view on how it drives… in a bit. [more]

20 July 2012| Photos by: RaceMasteR J | Review by: Nadeem Essack.

With all the hype going around this car at the moment and talk of it maybe even being the “second coming” to car enthusiasts, we just had to get our hands on one to see what all the fuss was about. Nadeem got himself into the hot seat and discovered firsthand what all the “whoohaa” is. If you want to see for yourself and take this car for a test drive, scroll down to the bottom for all the details. I shall now hand you over to our Initial D correspondent, Nadeem Bunta Fujiwara.

RaceMasteR J.

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